jueves, 26 de marzo de 2009

Chile en los juegos de Rol de Robotech

Este es un extracto del Libro de juegos de Rol de Robotech titulado: Zentraedi Breakout , editado en 1994, que nos señala el destino de Chile y de Santiago, post lluvia de la muerte Zentraedi:

The nation of Chile has vanished, and a pastiche of fortified towns and bandit kingdoms has replaced it. Chile, which never had a strong industrial base to begin with, quickly shattered into a hodgepodge of survivors trying to rebuild the ruins of their villages, roving gangs of human desperadoes who found it easier to prey on others than to work and Indian tribes in the mountains.

Santiago is nothing more than a few craters in the ground. The mountain tops nearby have been blasted away and once green valleys are filled to the ridge tops with rock, rubble and debris. This is one of the most chilling and spectacular scenes of devastation found on Earth.

El Futuro no se ve muy alentador, no lo creen?...